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Going into Logan hasn't been this easy in years. As a regular business traveler, I've been using Logan Express for my transportation needs into BOS. It's very tedious waiting for a bus that always cycles through longer than the advertised thirty minute schedule.

I came across ATR right here on Yelp. The reservation process was fast and the efficiency of the service was tremendous. John was at my door fifteen minutes early, which I thought was great, as I'm very anal when it comes to promptness. The vehicles are all late model and super clean as well.

On my return home, as my plane touched down, I turned on my phone and was greeted with a message from Robby, notifying me that he was out front waiting for me. Robby is quite a character. Very outgoing and friendly, I normally spend my ride home answering vmail but with Robby being so animated, he proved to be a great ending to my trip.

Prices are in line with others and I really enjoy having payment arrangements taken care of prior to being picked up. Just climb in and out of your ride without the hassles of swiping CCs in the car. Email provides receipts which are perfect for expense reports.

A very good experience and one which will be repeated for all my business trips into Logan.

Joseph P.
Wakefield, MA


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